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Come to the Arcade where you can get a taste of the Jersey Shore year round! Here you’ll find over 100 of the latest and greatest Arcade games from Claw machines with Beats headphones, to 13-foot high Monster Jackpot ticket games.




Whether you’re defeating joker in the batman driving game or challenging a buddy in a round of air hockey, there’s fun for everyone!! Think you have what it takes to win big prizes? With over 45 fully licensed redemption games, come test your skills and redeem your tickets for awesome prizes!




With staff that makes you feel like family and games with rewarding prizes, the Funplex arcade is your only stop needed for Fun!


All games require a Funplex game card which can be purchwall of gamesased at any of our kiosks throughout the building. Games range from 1 to 4 credits to play. Want to continue the fun? Join our rewards program every $1 you spend= 1 Funperx point, when you reach 100 Funperx you will receive $10.00 in Bonus credits. (Excludes Cafè Purchases). It’s fun & easy, just register your Funcard at any of our kiosks or point of sale areas.



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             Boardwalk Games

The Funplex Midway Games offer the excitement of carnival games in The Splashplex! The games include: Balloon Bust Fun, Water Gun Fun, and Basketball Hot Shot.

Midway Game Pricing
Hot Shot- 1 throw= $3.00, 4 throws=$6.00, 7 throws=$9.00
One in wins small prize and 4 in wins a large prize.
Balloon Bust- 1 Throw=$2.00, 5 throws=$4.00, 12 throws=$8.00
One balloon popped=small prize
5 balloons popped=medium
10 popped=large
Water blast- 2 players minimum to play $3.00 to play. One win=small, two win=medium, 3 wins=large