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Electric Go Karts

Electric go-karts at New Jersey’s Funplex in East Hanover—It’s the wheel deal! Hop into an electric go-kart and floor it! Race around our indoor road course. Compete with friends and others on the track. No driver’s license required!  All drivers must navigate the challenging winding track and hairpin turns. Better look over your shoulder — these are electric go-karts — no noise or smelly exhaust — so check your six to make sure no one’s gaining! And just like on the Gran Prix circuit, safety is our #1 concern.

Share the Excitement—Double Karts!

Experience the excitement with your child on our Double-Seat Karts. An experience you will both remember forever! All year round!

For the safety of our guests, drivers must be a minimum of 54” tall for reduced speed and 60″ tall for maximum speed. Drivers must be 54” tall and 14 years of age to drive a double go kart. Passengers riding a double go kart must be a minimum of 36”. Double cars are for a child and an adult, no two adults.