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Phazer on! Electro vest fastened! Funtron is the state-of-the-art Laser Tag game, at The Funplex in East Hanover, New Jersey. Report to the Lazer Tag battlefield — a darkened, maze-like space lit by black lights, where danger could lurk around every unseen corner! Your team’s objective in this battle: Zap the other team and their home base as much as possible, while you guard your team’s home base and try to avoid getting zapped yourself! Score individual points by zapping the opposing team’s players, and team points by zapping the opposing team’s home base.

Uh oh! That Flashing light on your vest means you have been hit! But your’re not down for the count, its time to power’s back up and it’s time for revenge – Battle on! Everyone stays in until the phazers send the alert that the battle has ended. The trusty sidearm then displays individual and team score.

Recommended for Ages 7 and up

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