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MagiQuest – More Prizes! More Challenging Quests!

*The MagiQuest will be available in our East Hanover location until Monday, September 5th*

MagiQuest, at The Funplex in East Hanover, New Jersey, is a highly interactive, totally engaging and outrageously fun game. It’s played in a huge magical fantasy environment. One of the latest rides in a New Jersey Amusement Park.

And now it’s more challenging than ever! Magis can convert Gold they collect during their Quests and Adventures for tickets redeemable for prizes at our redemption center — Great prizes including electronics and more.

Attention Magis — You can now take on Heroic Quests!

Heroic Quests

Heroic quests are created for expert-level Magi. The Quests, much more challenging, have no Book of Wisdom containing hints for the Quests. These Quests offer four times the amount of gold as other Quests and give Magi a great feeling of accomplishment upon completing each Quest!

Players choose a wand, a Magi name, and enter the Realm to play a progressive game filled with quests, adventures and fun! Wands contain motion sensors that activate flat screens and other items built into tree, mountains and other parts of the realm. The 8,000 square-foot Realm is packed with more than 150 dazzling wand-activated effects. Each Quest is a journey that leads players through a magical technology-enabled scavenger hunt, as they seek out and follow clues hidden throughout the Realm.

Created by a psychologist who studies play behavior in children!

Play MagiQuest the way you want — our complete line of MagiQuest packages
 gives you the option of how long to play and other levels. View our MagiQuest package options.

Click Here to download our MagiQuest Registration form! It will make your check in process easier!

Q: What is MagiQuest?

A: MagiQuest is unlike anything you have ever experienced. You begin by selecting a Magic Wand that is yours to keep, forever! You’ll use clues and hints to go on quests, battle dragons and embark on adventures. When you return you pick up where you left off on your last visit.

Q: Are all locations the same?

A: No. Although the object of the game is universal at all locations, there are different types of MagiQuest worlds. Our Kingdom Realms are the largest, mega experiences. Our Forest Realms are intertwined into an existing location’s environment, and our online or Virtual Realm offers an entirely different experience, one that also leads to added benefits and unique challenges in our other Realms.

Q: If I lose my wand do I have to start over?

A: No. MagiQuestMagic allows us to transfer a Magi’s information onto a new wand at any time, thus allowing you to continue the game where you left off, no matter where you left your wand.