The Funplex Rides and Attractions

There’s always something new and exciting at The Funplex. Buy your wristband online now or at our offices and enjoy UNLIMITED access to these attractions and more!

 Here’s what you can expect on your next visit.


The Funplex Arcade has more than 100 of the latest high-tech video and redemption games of skill, you can win big at Big Bass Wheel, Ticket Time, Hot Shot Basketball, and more.

For fans of the classics, play air hockey, table bowling, Skee-Ball, and other all-time faves.

Bumper Cars

bumper carsA crowd favorite! Our classic, full-size bumper cars feature new headlights and tail lights. Party Packages offer unlimited Funplex bumper car rides!

$4 per person. Must be 48” tall to drive, passenger must be 42” tall.

XD Dark Ride

XD rideIt’s a whole new dimension of fun! If you thought 3-D was exciting, wait until you experience 4-D motion simulation in this unique thrill ride!

There’s nothing like this theater’s seats that give you a range of high-definition sound, simulation, and unmatched speed. With a variety of three movies to choose from, you can ride again and again for a new experience every time!

$5 per person. Must be 40″ tall to ride.

Electric Go-Karts

electric go kartsNo noise or smelly exhaust here. Hop into an electric go-kart and race your friends around the winding track and hairpin turns at our indoor road course. No driver’s license required! With speed settings adjusted for skill levels, nothing holds you back from experiencing the thrill of racing!

$8 per single rider. $10 per double riders. Must be 54″ tall for reduced speed or 60″ tall for maximum speed.  Double Karts drivers must be 54″ tall & 14 years old, passenger must be a minimum of 36″ tall.

Foam Frenzy

foam frenzyThis huge, interactive, three-level play area is a real blast! Tag your friends with thousands of colorful foam balls as you take aim and fire at targets using your Air Cannons and Air Blasters.

$8 per child. $4 per accompanying adult. For ages 4-12 years old. Under 4 must be accompanied by an adult.

Laser Tag

At FunTron Laser Tag, danger could lurk around every unseen corner! Our newest attraction, FunTron is a massive, maze-like, futuristic space lit by black lights.

Score points by zapping the opposing team’s players and home base, but make sure to protect your own base too! Different game and power modes available.

$9 per person. Recommended for ages 7 and up.

Free Fall

Different settings let you experience a bouncing “spring” ride, weightlessness, and a free fall that will make your jaw drop.

$4 per person. Must be 42″ tall to ride alone or 38″ to ride with an adult

Super Twister

super twisterIt’s thrilling…it’s totally twisted…and it’s at The Funplex! Board this spiraling journey and take to the skies!

$4 per person. The height requirement it is 52″ to ride alone or 43″ and 6 Years old to ride with an adult.


Feel the thrill of the ride as you sore into the sky and back around aboard the Skyscraper.

$4 per person. The height requirement it is 52″ to ride alone or 42″ and 6 Years old to ride with an adult.

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