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Great fun at a great value!

Funplex — it’s more than fun, it’s a great deal!

There’s no admission, parking is free, and you can buy tickets for individual rides and attractions, or purchase a variety of daily passes so you can enjoy the rides and attractions you like best without a limit!

 Please Note: On Holidays and School Vacation Days, weekend pricing will be in effect. Not all Wristband or Specials are available for purchase. 


Indoor & Splashplex AdmissionPeak pricing Available on Saturday-Sunday (Peak pricing includes all holiday's)**This is the pricing that is valid on days that we are open from 10am. This is FULL DAY PRICING (Off Peak Pricing is not valid on Peak Days)Includes all attractions plus Splashplex Waterpark **Note: Anyone Entering the Splashplex Waterpark must have an admission Band (Rental Wand Fee For MagiQuest $2.00)$36.00   
Weekday Admission*Off-Peak-Monday-Friday (Excluding holiday's & vacation day)**Only Available till June 25th) Includes all attractions plus MagiQuest (Rental Wand Fee for MagiQuest-$2.00)$23.00  
Indoor Admission Band Includes Unlimited Attractions plus MagiQuest (Rental Wand Fee for MagiQuest-$2.00)$28.00  
Late Night Extreme Special Includes Unlimited Attractions including Go-Karts & Lazer Runner (Rental Wand Fee for MagiQuest-$2.00). Discounted price is available after 7pm on Saturdays and 6pm on Sundays. All guests must be present at the time of the bands being purchased.$23.00  
Early Bird Band (Sunday Mornings 10am-12pm)Includes Unlimited Attractions including Go-Karts & Lazer Runner (Rental Wand Fee for MagiQuest-$2.00)$28.00   
Fun Fridays Valid after 7pm on Fridays. Includes Unlimited Attractions PLUS 10 tokens (Rental Wand Fee for MagiQuest-$2.00)- Until June 19th$23.00  
Splashplex Water Park AdmissonIncludes All Water Slides, Pools & Lazy River$27.00  
Rental Wand FeeThere is a $2.00 charge for a Rental Wand, the $2.00 can be credited towards the purchase of a wand, if a wand is purchased on the same date.$2.00  
Classic Wand$16.00  
Black, Silver and Gold Wands$16.00  
Dragon or Pink Wand$20.00  
Wand Topper$15.00-17.00  
One Hour of MagiQuest$9.00  
Unlimited Hours of MagiQuest$13.00  
MQ Value PackageIncludes: Choice a classic wand or a regular topper, Plus 90 Minutes of Magiquest.$23.00  
MQ Ultimate Value PackageIncludes: Choice of Classic or Black or Silver Wand, a Topper, 2 Ribbons & 2 Hours of MagiQuest ** Upgrade to a Dragon or Pink Wand for an additional $5.00 onsite **$35.00  
Bumper Cars$4 p/p per Ride  
Free Fall $4 p/p per ride  
Super Twister$4 p/p per ride  
Skyscraper$4 p/p per ride  
Foam Frenzy (Accompany Adult)$4 p/p  
4D Dark Ride$6 p/p per Ride   
Double Go-Karts $7 p/p per ride  
Go-Karts $7 p/p per ride  
Lazer Runner $7 p/p per battle  
Foam Frenzy$8 p/p all day   
Indoor & Splashplex Admission Includes all Attractions PLUS access to the Splashplex Waterpark.$36.00 p/p  
Splashplex Waterpark AdmissionIncludes all Water Slides, Pools & Lazy River. $27.00 p/p  
MId Day Band Mon-Fri after 3pm! Available June 25th-Labor Day! Includes all Attractions PLUS access to Splashplex Waterpark! $30.00 p/p  
Mid Day Splashplex Band Mon-Fri after 3pm! Available June 25th-Labor Day. Includes access to the waterpark. $20.00 p/p  
Season Pass 2015 (Memorial Day-Labor Day 2015)$93.00 INCLUDES TAX!

Tax INCLUDED in all Pricing.  Anyone entering the Splashplex area must have an admission band.

Limitations and Exclusions: One Person per Ticket/Wristband. No Substitutions. You can now purchase tickets for our wristbands online!  If making an online purchase, you must bring the credit card used for your purchase.  Online purchases will not be honored without this item. Once you make your purchase, just bring your ticket printout to our dedicated Online Sales station at the front counter. All Specials & Attractions Subject to Availability. Age & Height Restrictions Apply to All Attractions. Tickets/Wristbands/Combos Are Valid on Day of Purchase Only. Any Misuse Will Result in Forfeiture of Ticket/Wristband/Combo. Management Reserves All Rights. Prices Subject to Change. Sorry-No Cash/Credit Refunds.